Review of Sunda by Chicago Tribune’s Phil Vettel: An Asian Tour – Forget the Map

Phil Vettel's review of Sunda New Asian in the Chicago Tribune

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Phil Vettel, the Chicago Tribune Dining critic, was kind enough to review Sunda and award us with a 3 star rating!

From the article:

I knew Sunda, a pan-Asian restaurant that made its River North debut March 9, would be insanely popular. After all the restaurant was put together by the Rockit Ranch group, which includes nightclub impresario Billy Dec, whose golden touch with the trendanistas is such that you probably could slack Dec’s name on a dented Dumpster and draw a big crowd.

Aglibot’s novel take on beef tartare perches torch-seared Kobe-style ground beef on crispy rice cakes (the finished dish resembles nigiri), accented with a dollop of spicy sambal and crowned with a fingertip-size slice of chile that gives it just enough bite. There’s similar precision on display with the crab-cake-crusted tuna sashimi, raw fish wrapped in crabmeat with a yin-yang of hot mustard and sweet soy glaze on the plate.

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