General Health

  1. All Sunda employees will have their temperatures checked prior to the start of their shift
  2. All Sunda employees will be wearing face masks
  3. All guests will be asked if their temperature can be taken, if not, a member of the Sunda staff will review the COVID Health Screening questions with the guest
  4. All guests will be asked to wear a mask upon entering the building, if they do not have a mask, one will be provided to them
  5. All Sunda employees will wash their hands for 20 seconds every 30 minutes, upon arrival to work, prior to and during food preparation, when switching between tasks, before donning gloves, after using the restroom, after handling soiled dishes, when visibly soiled, and after sneezing/coughing/touching face.
  6. Sunda employees will wear gloves, changing after each visit to a table

Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting of premises should be conducted in compliance with CDC protocols on a weekly basis
  2. The Sunda employees will clean and disinfect common areas (e.g., restrooms) and high-touch surfaces (e.g., entry/exit doorknobs, stair railings) frequently; every half hour for high-traffic areas
  3. Any multi-use items (e.g., special cards, pens, check presenters, etc.) will be sanitized after each use
  4. The tables and chairs will be disinfected between parties and at closing time
  5. Any single-use items or paper articles (e.g., paper menus) will be discarded after each use

Physical Workspace

  1. Display signage at entry with face covering requirements, social distancing guidelines, and cleaning protocols, in multiple languages as needed
  2. All tables will be placed 6 feet away from one another
  3. Guests will have the ability to view a digital menu on their phones, paper menus will be on hand should a printed menu be requested
  4. Any areas that are congregate areas (e.g., waiting areas) will be closed
  5. Customers will be asked to organize the food that they prefer to take home (no leftover food will be handled by Sunda employees)